Enterprise Mobile solution development

Enterprise mobile application development differs from app based product development in lots of ways . Fundamental difference being the end user characteristics and perceived value of app based solution as an enabler or facilitator of organizations business unlike in app based products which cater to the needs of customer segments identified . This fundamental difference attributes to the different approaches and processes in development cycle .

ThOur process starts with quantifying and defining the functional benefits and the goals to be achieved with the proposed mobile applications. We even closely define the functional benefits for every user roles in an organization and ensure all pitfalls arise due to lack of clarity is near to zero . e utmost negative impact of advancement of technology is an exponential increase in security threats such as Cyber threats, Malware infections, Phishing attacks, Web Application Attacks etc. A significant amount of current security breaches also involve internal employees like unauthorized access to information, disgruntled employees, password mismanagement. All these security breaches may result in drastic revenue loss, legal liabilities, diminished productivity and brand erosion. Be it big enterprises or SMBs, the pinch of security issues arising due to the complexities within the system has been felt by everyone.

Key Metrics & Benefits of our B2B mobile solutions
  1. Functionally intuitive UI & experience
  2. Advanced reporting & dashboard
  3. Technical & functional Scalability
  4. Integration with thirty applications
  5. Secure & compliant
Our processes :
  1. Conceive the requirements
  2. Define goals to be achieved,key metrics & benefits
  3. Rapid prototyping & concept validation with stakeholders
  4. Determine the most suitable technologies
  5. Agile iterative application development
  6. roduct testing
  7. Product roll out
Why Technomics
  1. Our Cross - industry expertise
  2. Technology people with a marketing angle
  3. Vantage point from cross -industry expertise
  4. Deep marketing insights
  5. Deep knowledge about & handling of implementation pitfalls

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