Lean start-up product development & market research

Ideas are everywhere and the real challenge is not the dearth of ideas , but in making it realistic . Incumbent businesses stumble upon the challenges faced by start-ups and astonished at the nimbleness of scaling up by start-ups which finally results in peeling off their customer base or disruptions . Incumbent businesses current business model and strengths are surprisingly the obstacles of innovation . For such large organizations, right from ideation to market research , market research to product development , we can work as an extended team which helps them to innovate without disturbing the current team , business model and without even shifting the focus . Our cross domain expertise enables us to become an end-to-end solution provider , ranging from market research , user experience strategy and research , development , testing and finally scaling to product Market fit from MVP .

Our Methodologies :

  • Situational Analysis of customer segment & industry where the idea can have an impact
  • Extensive Market research
  • Define the specifications - set of core features that define value proposition
  • Decide on the technological stack
  • Write down user stories
  • Define UX strategy for MVP
  • Development of MVP
  • Validating the assumptions
  • UX iterations
  • Relaunching with a Go-to-market strategy
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